Richard Schifter: An unsung hero among heroes

(WorldNet Daily) October 16, 2020

By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

We are experiencing a time when words, long having an understood meaning, are being replaced by words more politically correct (PC). But one word PC activists seek to keep while expanding its meaning is “hero.” It is a title participants in today’s rioting in various American cities are, undeservedly, seeking to be grouped. We can never becloud the true meaning of hero with that of non-hero for it denigrates those whose selfless acts have done so much to enrich life for their fellow man.

On Oct. 3, we lost one of those true heroes. Ambassador Richard Schifter, 97, had devoted his lifetime to leaving us with a better world than the one he inherited – one bringing him tremendous tragedy in his early years.

Born in Austria before Europe would be torn apart by World War II, Schifter was fortunate to have parents, able to foresee the anti-Semitic tsunami coming, who took action to send their son, then 15, to America alone in 1938. Schifter would never see his parents again. He would be the only member of his family to escape the Holocaust – the only evidence remaining of their existence in the ashes of a concentration camp’s crematorium.