A Bipartisan Congressional Task Force

Working to Change UN Votes

Many Members of Congress are deeply concerned by the pattern of UN votes against the U.S. and Israel. former Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and former Republican Whip Roy Blunt, recently elected to the Senate, have taken the lead in forming a bipartisan Task Force of more than 40 House Members who are now actively engaged in communicating with Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries which might be receptive to their message: that their UN representatives often vote against U.S. positions, and that those votes raise concerns in Congress. AJIRI provides detailed information to these interested Members of Congress and helps coordinate action with State Department officials, who welcome this congressional effort.

Objectives of AJIRI’s Congressional Effort

In the UN Security Council: We encourage efforts to persuade members friendly to the U.S. not to vote for unbalanced and punitive resolutions directed against Israel which the U.S. opposes and will veto, if necessary.

In the UN General Assembly: We hope UN member states friendly to the U.S. will work with the U.S. on UN reform, including cutting off funds for UN activities whose mandates are outdated, duplicative or contrary to the principles of the UN Charter.  The most extreme example of UN Charter violations is the funding of the year-round global campaign to delegitimize Israel.